[Discontinued] CyanogenMod 12 (Android 5.0) for Samsung Galaxy Express AT&T (SGH-I437)

This project has been discontinued!

I’m not going to develop this ROM any more. It takes too much time, and my phone is about to die, which means I’ll be getting a new one. Also, Android 5+ runs too slowly on this hardware. That’s why I’m currently using CyanogenMod 11 (which is back up at download.cyanogenmod.org). I advise you do the same. All changes I made are available on my GitHub.

Hi everybody! After building MultiROM and TWRP for my device, I finally managed to build CyanogenMod 12! 🙂

My work is the continuation of jt1134’s. It’s basically his work. The things I had to fix (I still have to upload them :/ ) are very irrelevant compared to his work, for which I thank him.

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MultiROM and TWRP for Samsung Galaxy Express AT&T (SGH-I437)

Note: kexec-hardboot, the kernel feature needed to boot secondary ROMs through MultiROM, hasn’t been ported yet! If you want to help me with it, please contact me, see if I’m online on irc.freenode.net (usually on #kivy, #twrp, #multirom) or just do it yourself and let me know 🙂

I ported MultiROM and its custom TWRP recovery to Samsung Galaxy Express AT&T – codename expressatt, model number SGH-I437 (also compatible with the NFC version SGH-I437P and with any device that can run the CyanogenMod build for expressatt). Note that, as I said above, kexec-hardboot hasn’t been ported, so it’s pretty much useless as of now. You can still use the recovery, though, or install MultiROM as well and brag 😉

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