Install Driver for Trust Flat Scan USB 19200 Flatbed Scanner on Ubuntu/Debian

Portable USB scanners are very useful. They’re lightweight, easy to use, they can run off the power of the USB port, and most times they work right out of the box on Linux. Most times. It’s not the case of the Trust Flat Scan USB 19200 flatbed scanner.

In fact, this scanner requires a bit of work. However, before you get scared, beware that…

  • This scanner does not work on Windows. (Well it actually works with Windows XP, but if you’re currently using it, we have a problem :/ but anyway, you must be proud it works on Linux and not on Windows, mustn’t you? 😀 )
  • I made a script that does everything automagically 🙂

Yes, you don’t need to do pretty much anything. Just fire up a terminal and paste the following command (it’s one command, just copy and paste the whole thing):

That’s it! If for some reason the previous command didn’t work for you, you can still download the script manually and run it as root with

If you have any issues, please add a comment below or send me an email with the contact form 😉

Oh, and if it helped, feel free to buy me a coffee 🙂

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