Find your pictures quickly in PhotoRec’s recovery directories

Have you ever used the amazing PhotoRec data recovery software? Well I often delete some of my pictures, so I’m very used to this tool. It usually finds really many deleted files, and manually looking through them is not really funny.
That’s why I wrote a Python script to make that job easier.

You can get it from my GitHub repository:

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Just cd to the pictures directory and run ./ <filename>; it will print your file’s EXIF tags. Then you just need to run this:

As the program runs it will show you the files that matched and where they’re being copied to. does the same thing, except for the fact that it will move the files instead of copying them.

In a future version it will be possible to find pictures using their resolution.

That’s it for now! Also check out my other tools and repositories, and don’t forget to comment if something isn’t clear! 🙂 If you found this post useful, share it!

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