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How To Burn LightScribe Labels on Latest Versions of Ubuntu (x86 and x64)

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I own a bunch of LightScribe-compatible disk burners, and I always buy LightScribe media because I don’t like handwritten labels. LightScribe-labeled disks look better, maybe more professional, even when it’s just a CD with pirated music.

If you are like me, you might have probably noticed that lately everything seems trying to make us not want to use this awesome technology on Ubuntu. The official LightScribe website is unmaintained/has been hacked, so the LightScribe System Software and the LightScribe Simple Labeler can’t be downloaded; the mirrors that used to host the Debian packages for the LaCie 4L Labeler app are down as well;  even those users who are brave enough to download the RPM from LaCie’s and use alien to debianize it might have noticed that a Segmentation fault makes our beloved app crash.

However, you don’t have to worry any more! I’ve got a solution here for everybody!

LightScribe Brand Utilities

As I said, the official LightScribe website is offline, but you’re lucky: there is a mirror! Head over to Pawtec and grab the Debian packages for the LightScribe System Software and, if you want, the LightScribe Simple Labeler (note: in that page you’ll also find the aforementioned software for Windows and Mac).

 Get them here

LaCie 4L LightScribe Labeler

This one was harder to get going: I had to manually convert the RPM package to DEB. I also had to write a wrapper for one of the utilities it includes to avoid the segmentation fault. As a result we now have a multi-arch package that should work on most versions of Ubuntu and Debian. Personally I’ve only tested it on Ubuntu 15.04 and 14.10, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Let me know in the comments below if you have any issues. Download the package from the link below and install it.

Get LaCie 4L

You will find the Lacie 4L LightScribe Labeler in your application menu, no further actions are needed 😉

Note: I have written none of these programs (except for the 4L-cli wrapper that avoid the segmentation fault, which is just a shell script anyways). They all are trademarks of their respective owners. You currently can’t view the end-user license agreement for the LightScribe brand software as their website is down, but you can visit LaCie’s website. Make sure you read their license agreement.